Graphic Overlays and Decals

Graphic overlays and decals including the unique option to either partially or completely PU dome.

Graphic Overlays and Decals

Graphic overlays and decals are generally under surface printed on a full range of PVC, Polyester and Polycarbonates.

The graphic image is either screen or digitally printed or can be a combination of both.

The facility to sequentially number overlays and graphics is also available.

Graphic Overlays and Decals

We offer the unique option
of either part or full doming
of the decal.

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What to expect...

You’ll receive a quick response to your enquiry and total understanding of your needs, a benefit of our expertise.

We’ll provide design where required, the correct materials for your application and recommend the most appropriate and efficient process we have for your project.

We’ll then guarantee extremely competitive pricing as well as a reliable delivery all made possible by the total commitment of a highly motivated multi-skilled team.

By demanding the highest standards of ourselves from initial contact through to the supply of products and services, we’re certain we’ll exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions regarding our services, you can contact us by phone, email or by completing our form online and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.

The industry standard


> Investment in new equipment and staff
> Trusted supplier
> Bespoke integration production system
> Traceability of all materials and procedures
> Always looking at ways to improve



> Experienced designers in all areas of design and materials selection
> Support and suggestions to enable best results
> Practical design and solutions for your products



> Screen, digital & litho ensures every possible print requirement
> NO compromise on quality
> Quick and efficient procedure and production
> Full range of industry approved adhesive backings where required



> Totally flexible facility producing tens of thousands at a time
> PU doming adds dimension to your graphics
> Labels and badges of any size, shape or quantity
> Reputation as a trusted supplier within the industry



> Solution orientated products for our customers saving time and money
> Partial or complete product labelling and assembly if required



> Quality control and appropriate packaging to ensure orders received are in perfect condition
> Mainland, next day delivery as standard
> Rapid international services by arrangement
> Stock management system for repeat, regular customers

Graphic Overlays

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