A Greener Workspace

A Greener Workspace

As the world becomes more eco conscious, we at Polycrown have put steps in place to improve our carbon footprint. We really care about the impact we’re all having on the environment and feel it is so important to find ways we can be more eco-friendly.

The steps we have taken so far include:

A Greener Workspace
  • We have put in four vehicle charging points so those with Hybrid / Electric cars are able to charge their vehicles whilst at work or visiting Polycrown.

  • We encourage our staff members to find more ecological ways of travelling to work. A few of our staff cycle to work, others get the train and some lift share. 

  • We have fitted four air source heat pumps in our offices and factory

  • Where possible we have introduced paperless processes

  • We are in the process of installing Solar Panels

  • Our office staff are fully equipped to work from home and we can also run our digital machines remotely.


We have been looking at ways production can do things more sustainably. One of our latest projects involved producing posters showing the history of a local town called Nailsea.

We applied a resin coating which protects them from UV rays and all the weather elements. This means they won’t need replacing as they will last longer in your typical English weather.

As well as the steps above, we have put more recycling bins in every work area throughout the factory to encourage everyone to recycle more, we reuse printer paper in our offices, and we have replaced all our light bulbs with LED. These are just a few examples and we are always thinking of new ways to improve our green footprint.